In late-2015, I started the Creative South Podcast to connect with other designers, learn about their creative process, and find out the stories behind their designs. Over the next three years, I talked with over 100 hundred designers, animators, illustrators, and others in the creative industry. As the podcast grew, I realized I wanted to talk to people in the design world connected to the food and beverage industry, a subject about which I am passionate. In 2018, I rebranded the podcast Feasting on Design. Under the new moniker, I talked to people in the creative industry who created restaurant branding, beverage packaging, and other food-related work. I also opened the podcast and started talking with restaurant and bar owners, spirit manufacturers, and other people working directly in the food and beverage industry. This switch allowed me to see creativity through another lens and opened my eyes to new design possibilities. Sadly, the podcast is currently on hiatus as I attend grad school, but I hope to bring it back to life once I complete my degree. I hope you’ll visit the Creative South Podcast and Feasting on Design Archives.

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