Statement of Relevancy

As with any career in the creative world, it is easy to rest on your laurels and become irrelevant. I work hard to continuously stay up-to-date on the latest trends, techniques, and software in animation and graphic design. My time researching these topics has primarily been spent speaking to other animators, designers, and creatives on my podcast Feasting on Design. Since 2016, I have had weekly conversations with notable figures in the industry to learn about evolving topics in design and animation. By researching my guests, I learn about different types of creative thinking, techniques, conceptualization, and trends within the industry. I am lucky enough to learn from each of my guests and ask about their creative process. Each person I talk with has different experiences and ways of working, and I get to ask them the how’s and why’s of their method. Originally called the Creative South Podcast, Feasting on Design has allowed me to speak with over 200 creative professionals. In that time, I became more connected within the industry and developed a network of people I can call upon and learn from as I continue to grow as an animator and designer. Feasting on design is currently on hiatus as I am pursuing my master’s degree.